JayWhen you think of envy-worthy jobs, Jay Anderson’s just might take the cake. An accredited meteorologist and travel enthusiast, Jay works alongside TravelQuest to scout the best destinations for solar eclipse viewings and celestial happenings across the globe.

The best eclipse viewings are dependent upon two things: the execution of very detailed logistics and the finest forecasting possible. Fortunately for us, when it comes to the latter, there is no one better in the business than Jay. Upon receiving degrees in physics and astronomy from the University of British Columbia, Jay spent three decades as a Canadian forecaster; experience that is simply invaluable to the TravelQuest team and our guests.

Jay has been traveling the world as an eclipse meteorologist with TQ since 1998. He has worked alongside company founder Aram Kaprielian, studying the sky, scouting landscapes and guiding tour groups through the unparalleled experience of viewing a total solar eclipse firsthand. Jay and Aram have traveled from the vastness of the Libyan Desert to China’s Silk Road to Siberia and seemingly everywhere in between, all in search of the best experiences – both celestial and terrestrial – that they can provide.

This fall, Jay will be heading to Africa as TravelQuest leads three simultaneous trips through Kenya, Ethiopia and the waters along Western Africa, each centered around total solar eclipse viewing on November 3. Sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for tour guests, it’s just all in a day’s work for Jay.

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