Experiencing a total solar eclipse firsthand is truly an unforgettable event. Our group of frequent guests can each remember exactly where they were when they witnessed the awe-inspiring moment of totality for the very first time. And every time thereafter, for that matter. This fall, we’ll add a few more locations to the memory books as TravelQuest sets out to host three simultaneous solar eclipse tours through some of the most incredible locales in Africa. Here’s a look at where you will find us, happily awaiting that moment of pure ‘total’ bliss on November 3:

Exotic Ethiopia

While most of us have indelible notions of this storied country, Ethiopia provides an often surprising exotic landscape that remains unchartered by even some of the most adventurous travelers. Bookended by excursions through unmatched natural environments and cultural explorations, we will take in totality from a carefully chosen site in the country’s southern region. What this eclipse might lack in duration of totality (12 seconds), it will absolutely make up for in excellence. Totality will occur just before sunset, creating a rare 360° horizon glow to culminate an epic showing of Baily’s Beads and an intense ruby-red light display accentuating the Moon’s beautiful black disk. Perhaps the most unique experience of the three tours, this opportunity will be undeniably memorable for first timers and eclipse chasing veterans alike.

Classic Kenya

For a more iconic African adventure, guests can travel to Kenya to enjoy multiple wildlife safaris before positioning themselves for totality from one of two viewing sites. Following trips to the famed Amboseli National Park and Masai Mara Game Reserve, travelers have the option of viewing the eclipse from within Kenya or in nearby Uganda. In Kenya, the viewing will take place at famed Lake Turkana, the world’s largest alkaline lake which features deep paleontological and archaeological roots connected to the origins of humankind. Others will adventure to Uganda with a trip to Murchison Falls National Park, followed by the eclipse viewing on the grounds of a girl’s school in Pokwero Village, located on the western side of the Blue Mountains. Magnificence awaits at either perch.

Totality At Sea

As Africa is the only country to experience landfall during this particular eclipse, the third viewing site will be at sea as guests enjoy ultimate luxury aboard a prime perch in the Atlantic. The yacht-like Corinthian will treat 100 guests to a viewing location that takes advantage of a lower cloud count and high Sun altitude. The combination of this climatology and available mobility of a ship-based platform provides the optimal chance for an unobstructed viewing from the pristine expanse of the ocean underneath open skies.

With multiple vantage points for one exceptional celestial phenomena, November 3 will be one for the history books for all of TravelQuest, wherever we may be. And hopefully, you will find yourself right there with us.

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