At TQ, it’s pretty clear that we are simply obsessed with, well, travel. From researching a destination all the way through execution of a tour, the process is meticulous and simply salivating for our whole team. Being the self-proclaimed travel junkies that we are, it’s no wonder that our smart phones and tablets follow suit, being chocked to the virtual brim with travel-related apps for every step along the way. Here are a few of our latest favorites:

Packing Pro

Compatible on iOS 5 or later 
It is almost time to head for the airport and take off for the adventure of a lifetime. When traveling to exotic destinations such as the expanse of Union Glacier and the secluded Faroe Islands, making sure you have everything you need is of the upmost importance. Those embarking on a TravelQuest adventure are provided with a detailed packing list, customized to their tour. Perfect for digitizing the process, or for those times when you aren’t traveling with TQ, this handy app helps you organize your packing list into an easy checklist that can be categorized by person or trip. It also provides helpful reminders before you hit the road including things like watering your plants or checking into your flight.


Compatible on iOS 5 or later 
When venturing into some of the Earth’s most breathtaking destinations, we often think how we wish we could share these special moments with family and friends. With Postgram, we can, from the palm of our hand. The app uses photos taken from your phone and sends them to the recipients of your choice as real postcards, adding just the touch of nostalgia that your loved ones will appreciate finding in their mailbox.

Trip Journal

Compatible on iOS 5 or later 
TravelQuest tours are all about making memories, so much so in fact that, starting with eclipse 2015, we provide each total solar eclipse traveler with a copy of a memory book with their photos and stories upon completion of the adventure. Make keeping track of those moments that much easier with this great app that allows for scrapbooking on the go. Use geo-tracking to record sites visited and catalog photos and videos along every step of the way.

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