For many, the Faroe Islands are an unfamiliar land that triggers no mental picture at all. For TQ, and our friends who have been there, the Faroes are a picturesque landscape that we will not soon forget.

An island group under the sovereignty of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are located approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland. What may be an unusual destination to many, the islands offer a pristine mountainous landscape trademarked by remarkably green expanses of mosses, grass and wildflowers, set against the beautiful waterways of the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic. The islanders, who make their living primarily from fishing and farming, warmly welcome visitors to experience the natural beauty and simple lifestyle afforded to this unique region.

In March 2015, TQ and our astronomically inclined travelers will be heading back to the Faroe Islands for the experience of a lifetime: a total solar eclipse. The islands are one of only two locations on Earth that will be suitable for land-based viewings of the March 20, 2015 eclipse. To see the beauty that awaits you, take a look at photos gathered during our last visit:


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