It is no real secret that Ethiopia isn’t necessarily on the top of everyone’s wanderlust list, but here at TQ, we are all about expanding horizons and embarking on one-of-a-kind adventures. A storied nation with a rich culture that most only read about, Ethiopia offers incredible opportunities for travelers to experience firsthand. This fall, TQ will guide those ready to see for themselves through a unique excursion with the ultimate highlight: a total solar eclipse tour.

Ethiopia ToursLocated on the eastern coast of Africa, Ethiopia is widely considered as the emergence site of anatomically modern humans more than 200,000 years ago. That deep culture is reflected throughout the nation to this day as distinctive colonial architecture, nomadic tribal groups and carefully preserved artifacts are found throughout various towns. Our TQ team, under the leadership of eco-tourism expert Michel Girardin, have selected a variety of key sights that speak to the roots of Ethiopia and tell the stories that few of us know. Points of interest include:

  • Gondar Castles: often called “Africa’s Camelot,” Gondar reflects the center of imperial power as it showcases the glory and grandeur of its days as the country’s capital in the early 1600’s. The towering castles house ancient bathing pools where rituals are still performed along with picturesque ruins where emperors once reigned.
  • Yabelo: the location for our total solar eclipse viewing on Nov. 3, Yabelo offers surprising beauty with the nearby Obda mountain and friendly Sidama people. This eclipse spot is perhaps the most unique available. As totality will occur just before sunset, the timing of the eclipse will provide a stunning showcase of Baily’s Beads, turning from day to night and back to day again before the landscape takes on a 360° sunset glow.
  • Tribal Villages: To round out the adventure, we will visit with the nomadic Borena tribe, Konso tribal villages and the Hamer people who live in the land’s famed Omo Valley. These groups each boast unique cultural distinctions and an openness to share their stories with visitors, helping our group to better understand their way of life while creating lasting memories for all they encounter.

The itinerary is set and the countdown has begun. This unique adventure begins October 24 and we look forward to sharing it with you all – whether you’re by our side or following along through this blog.

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