Cruise ship travel is a tricky subject for many as questions arise with the mere idea of being whisked away at sea. Three of the top misconceptions, according to a recent USA Today article: I’m going to gain weight, cruising requires you to be formal and I’m going to be bored. For anyone who has experienced cruising with TQ, the sheer thought of the latter is almost laughable.

For standard cruises, boredom can certainly be a factor for consideration. A little research will however come to reveal that many lines offer top-tier entertainment and endless activities. Whether playing sports, seeing shows or taking classes, there are plenty of things happening aboard to keep you amused. But what if you want something just a little bit more?

In true TQ fashion, we aim to take travel to a new level as we provide cruise guests with an opportunity to experience something even more extraordinary while on the water. This year, that something involves a total solar eclipse. Experiencing totality is remarkable no matter where your perch may be. But picture the event aboard a yacht-like cruise ship in the stunning seas off the coast of West Africa. Now you really have something to be excited about.

On November 3, TravelQuest groups will be taking in totality from four breathtaking locales: Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and yes, at sea. Astronomy enthusiasts: your ship has come in the form of the stunning Corinthian, a 100-passenger liner that offers an intimate yet luxurious atmosphere in which you can cruise your way to totality. Get the full story on what is to be an anything but boring voyage in another recent article from USA Today.

Not enticed yet? Don’t worry. Next year we are taking cruise ship travel to the ends of the Earth, literally. Stay tuned for more on the ultimate Arctic adventure – a cruise to the North Pole.

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