Around this time last year, TQ was counting down the days until we set sail for one of the most diverse, remote and culturally rich destinations in the world: Papua New Guinea. There were lagoons to explore, rivers to traverse, islands to enjoy and – as if that weren’t enough – a total solar eclipse to marvel in. It was an epic adventure for all and one we look back on very fondly today.

Officially named the Independent State of Papua New Guinea, the country gained its independence from Australia in 1975. Occupying the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, Papua New Guinea is now home to one of the most culturally rich nations known to man. More than 800 languages are found among the 6+ million inhabitants, only around 18% of which live in a urbanized community. Just as diverse is the nation’s geography with the New Guinea Highlands mountains running the length of the island, dense rain forests, coastal wetlands and surrounding coral reefs.

Last November, our guests enjoyed every angle of this beautifully varied nation. Historic towns, active volcanoes, crystal blue waters and colorful, welcoming people at every turn – it was truly an enriching experience. For those of us who can still picture the bliss of totality over the ocean in our minds, and will never forget how Sago tastes, here’s a look back at that extraordinary adventure:


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