There’s an exotic allure to the West African coastal countries. With rich history, diverse cultures and variants of topography and climates, West Africa provides an all-encompassing travel experience, especially when exploring these countries by sea.

In just 52 days, TQ is cruising the Atlantic Ocean to explore the mysteries of western Africa. Launching from Spain and traveling to Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal and Sierra Leone, TQ’s West Africa Total Solar Eclipse Cruise will enlighten travelers to the region’s complex history, culture, beauty and politics, while leading up to the total solar eclipse.

At each port, travelers will have time to get to know the people of these unique and rarely traveled countries. This is the Africa of maze-like souks and bustling village markets, of colonial plantations and vast wildlife sanctuaries, or noble imperial cities and vanished empires. Each country is known for unique features such as:

  • Morocco is seductive with its amazing colors, smells and sounds of Islamic Africa, bustling marketplaces, stunning mosques and panoramic views varying from snow-covered peaks to the vast sand dunes of the Sahara. The most famous city of the country, thanks to Humphrey Bogart, is Casablanca, where visitors can indulge at Rick’s Café.
  • Canary Islands feature incredible architecture throughout the island chain, including the miniature stone-turreted castle Castillo de la Fortableza, the great writer Benito Perez Galdos’ home in old Las Palmas and 16th century Canarian homes featuring traditional balconies.
  • Sierra Leone is known for its spectacular beaches of the Freetown peninsula, with at least ten that could be described as world-class. The country’s Bonthe Town is a former British Colonial Town rich with several beautiful stone churches and deep history and culture.
  • The Total Solar Eclipse is certainly the highlight of the cruise, especially when experiencing maximum totality at sea. Sub-Saharan Africa is the perfect place to view the total solar eclipse, or more precisely, the hybrid eclipse. TQ’s expertly chosen viewing point in the Atlantic will provide a breathtaking 90 seconds view of this great universal wonder.

Our yacht-like Corinthian, 100-passenger vessel is ready to set sail with you either on board or following our journey through this blog.  This remarkable voyage begins October 22, as we pack our bags for a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical adventure.

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