Our sense of wanderlust is strong today as we are just two and a half weeks away from embarking on yet another extraordinary TQ journey. On September 29 we will journey together to the pristine expanse of Iceland where we will bask in the beauty of the northern lights and enjoy a complete escape from urban life. While some have experienced the phenomena before, we look forward to introducing many newcomers to a splendor they will not soon forget.

The aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, are the result of highly charged electrons from the Sun interacting with elements in the Earth’s atmosphere which causes a literally electrifying display. Because of our planet’s magnetic field, the light show occurs in ovals surrounding the northern and southern magnetic poles, making Iceland a prime viewing spot. Movement patterns range from rippling curtains to pulsing rays with colors from subtle to vibrant, dependent on what atoms are being struck. Every variation is simply awe-inspiring:

For reasons unknown to astronomers, including our own Paul Deans, the brilliant light display occurs most frequently at the equinoxes, making our adventure in the coming weeks one that should prove to be truly exceptional. For those who were unable to join us this fall, we will be back in Iceland in March 2014 with a slightly different but equally spectacular spring viewing trip. For more on the 2014 Fire, Ice and Aurora tour, check out this article from Paul on page 10 of TQ Magazine.

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