Today is October 1 which for many means on the onset of changing leaves, crisp autumn air and the smell of pumpkin pie filling the house. While those are all lovely things, at TQ, October 2013 means one thing: the countdown to totality is on!

We are just over one month away from the 2013 total solar eclipse that will take place on November 3. The excitement is palpable as TravelQuest guests and our expert team are busy finalizing the details for the multiple adventures that depart later this month. Solar eclipse 2013 will be unlike many others as we have carefully selected three vantage points from which TQ guests will experience totality: Ethiopia, Kenya and at sea, off the coast of West Africa. This much anticipated phenomenon will be the last time an eclipse will grace Africa until 2027, giving our guests an extremely rare experience that they will not soon forget.

This particular eclipse will feature visibility from the northern Atlantic Ocean to landfall in Africa, with a maximum of over 1 minute and 40 seconds of totality. The viewing experience will be unique depending on location, yet universally incredible from every angle.

Totality At Sea
TQ’s chartered ship, the yacht-like Corinthian, will be off the coast of Freetown offering 1 and a half minutes of totality, just 10 seconds less than the total possible maximum. The mobility of the ship, combined with the high altitude of the Sun, greatly increases the odds for a successful eclipse expedition.

Totality from Kenya
Following classic African safaris and top-tier wildlife viewings, Kenya guests will enjoy totality from one of two locations: the Albertine Rift Valley and Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda or the northern shores of Lake Turnaka from the private TQ camp. Though these sites will offer shorter duration of totality, the setting will be spectacular as the eclipse occurs just before sunset, giving the whole landscape an awe-inspiring fiery glow.

Totality in Ethiopia
After an enlightening cultural immersion into this storied land, guests will enjoy 11 seconds of totality at a southern site near the Kenyan border, 11 seconds of totality will be highlighted with the sun hovering just above the western horizon.

Soon enough, we will be in the heart of the action sharing live updates from each of these locations. Stay tuned for Totality 2013!

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