There are many emotional experiences you encounter during travel. Be it the pure peace of a deserted beach or the euphoria from the first taste of truly delicious cuisine, the feelings run high and run the gamut when you’re on the road. But when it comes to adventure travel, those feelings are just that much more heightened. The influx of activities geared toward challenging and exciting you make the emotional journey special in a very different way. Tingling of nervous anticipation is capped by accomplishment and exhilaration as you tackle a thrilling task in between; that’s adventure travel and it’s a type we here at TQ just can’t get enough of.

A growing number of travelers share our thirst for excitement as adventure travel continues to develop as an industry. Today more than ever, guests are craving authentic, invigorating experiences on their vacations as trips are becoming increasingly designed for more than traditional r-n-r. A recent article by TravelAge West highlights the evolving sector, explaining that adventure travel is becoming more important to the greater industry as travelers seeking interesting new ways to experience a destination rather than simply seeing it.

According to a recent study by the Adventure Travel Trade Association, the niche has grown 65 percent annually over the past four years. The economic impact? Adventure travel now accounts for more than $263 billion, up exponentially from the $89 billion industry it was in 2009.

“The evolution from tourist to traveler — that is what people are yearning for,” explained Richard Weiss, CEO of Strategic Travel Consulting. “It goes back to differentiation. If you can show clients a trip that their neighbors haven’t done, it makes them feel like they did something special, something that makes them say ‘I’m going to remember this.’”

That is the experience we hope to offer to every single client, on every single tour, in every single breath-taking, awe-inspiring, heart-pounding place we venture to. For more information on your next adventure of a lifetime, visit our tours page.

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