You’ve heard of a house party and a birthday party, but have you heard of a sky party? No dancing and DJ’s included; wide open skies and the astronomical wonders of Mother Nature are all we need.

To plan a successful sky party, you need a few ingredients: superb views, expertly located coordinates, an astronomer for a guide, a little dash of timing and an ideal destination.

Combine the above components and you get TravelQuest’s 2014 Costa Rica Southern Sky Party. It’s our 11th sky party, so this recipe is pretty close to perfected.

Astronomy buffs will experience the Large Magellanic Cloud, Omega Centauri, the Southern Cross, the Eta Carinae Nebula and many other starry gems of the Milky Way all while enjoying the tropical climate of Costa Rica. Astronomer and author Gary Seronik will be leading the group to share his expert viewing tips and chat all things celestial.

The trip, from May 1-8, 2014, is perfectly time to correspond with the new Moon and the driest time of year in the country, meaning stargazers are in for prime views of the sky unblocked by rain-carrying clouds. Because of Costa Rica’s location coordinates, many astronomical highlights that hug the horizon in these popular stargazing locales are 10° to 15° higher in its southern sky.

The last ingredient in a sky party is the perfect destination and Costa Rica has proven time and time again to be just that. Because of the country’s proximity to the U.S., travelers won’t experience jet lag and will be able to hit the ground running when they arrive at the private star lodge. The relaxing accommodations offer life’s little comforts like North American standard AC power and more. Five days of relaxing in this tropical climate will be punctuated by bird-watching, nature walks and time to explore all our beautiful Earth has to offer.

You’re officially invited to join the party! RSVP by visiting www.travelquesttours.com/archive.

Photo credit: Chaval Brasil / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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