We are just a few short days into our Africa 2013 eclipse trips and it has been a wild ride, already! With three groups on simultaneous adventures throughout the stunning, storied continent there is sure to be no shortage of memorable moments that we look forward to sharing as soon as we are able.

Our first report comes from our Ethiopia eclipse travelers. The group recently paid a visit to Harar and one of the area’s most famous attractions: the Hyena Man. This mystifying man beckons seemingly wild hyenas out of the darkness, calls them by name, and hand-feeds them animal bones. Not scared of a little adventure, here we see Michel Girardin feeding a hyena, demonstrating why he is the trip manager extraordinaire!


Up next, our Ethiopia group is enjoying the awe-inspiring architecture of Lalibela’s rock churches followed by St. Mary of Zion. In Kenya, guests are experiencing multiple days of some of the best safari viewings in the world at Masai Mara Game Reserve while the West Africa eclipse cruise is sailing the beautiful waters as the Corinthian makes its way to Senegal.

Stay tuned for the main event: the total solar eclipse viewing on November 3. We will have our guides live tweeting from their locations to share updates you don’t want to miss. Follow the new TravelQuest Twitter account today and join in the extraordinary.

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