At TQ, we like to remain on the leading edge of travel as we visit some of the globe’s most must-see locales. As our roster for 2014 is no exception, today we found out that one tour is soon to be the most sought-after. Acclaimed travel publication Lonely Planet recently named Antarctica one of the Top 10 countries in the world to visit in 2014. And why wouldn’t it be? Earth’s southernmost continent is one of the coldest places in the world as the tundra offers plenty to explore for extreme travelers. Animals that are normally seen only in zoos call the continent their natural habitat, including the Snow Petrel, King Penguins, fur seals and more. It’s also the ideal place to be for star-gazing and Northern Lights viewings due to the absence of light pollution.

Antarctica has long been a destination for researchers and scientists to conduct experiments that cannot be done anywhere else in the world. From geologists and astronomers to oceanographers and physicists, they all set up base camp to study everything from the weather, ozone layers, meteorites and plate tectonics in this extremely unique terrain.

TQ guests will soon join them as we venture south to ring in the New Year at of 2014’s most desired destinations. From Jan. 1-11, guests will embark on a journey that begins in scenic Punta Arenas, Chile. The group will then be whisked away on a chartered jet to one of the most remote landing strips in the world. After reaching the South Pole, base camp will be set up at 79°S while one night will be spent at 90°S. Far from urban civilization, extreme explorers will witness a stark beauty and a vastness many will never experience in their lifetime.

This will mark TQ’s fifth journey to the South Pole and we simply cannot wait to get back. To check out what’s in store, view photos from the incredible journey in 2011 in our online memory book. Be the trend-setter among your friends of explorers and head to Antarctica in 2014. Find out more information about the trip here.

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