There is nothing quite like experiencing the totality of a solar eclipse. Invigorating senses of amazement, awe and wonder are met with peace and tranquility as you take in the magnitude of witnessing something that is literally out of this world. Whether your first or fifth time, the moment is an unparalleled one each and every time.

Yesterday, our TQ travelers experienced totality simultaneously from four different viewing perches across Africa. Parceled throughout the country, our guests each had a distinct look at one extraordinary phenomenon. Our trip leaders from each location reports:

Yesterday, our eclipse chasers in Kenya experienced a last minute exciting adventure to totality. Trip Manager Paul Swart said it was the most dramatic eclipse he has ever experienced. Thirty minutes before totality, a wind storm blew in and knocking over cameras and tripods – so a quick decision was made to get in the airplane to chase down totality. The airplane took them to the center line and everyone witnessed the diamond ring and 9 seconds of totality!

After a dramatic last-minute dash to get out from under a thick cirrus layer, threading streets packed with cars and people, and crossing flooded roads with 20 inches of water, our Uganda eclipse travelers witnessed a marvelous eclipsed sun for 18 seconds! Trip leader and astronomer Jay Anderson reported, “The cirrus overcast allowed at least one of us to capture the shadow on the cloud above. The limb-encircling chromosphere was stunning! The whole group is bubbling with excitement and pleasure.”

While the skies didn’t cooperate with our group in Ethiopia, they still enjoyed the incredible experience of the eclipse and the friendships created by eclipse chasing. Ethiopia travelers now continue their incredible adventure by journeying to visit various local tribes including the most famous tribe of the Omo Valley – the Mursi people, whose women are known for the ornamental clay plates they insert into their lower lips. More on that soon.

West Africa
Totality was seen by all aboard the Corinthian sitting just off the coast of Sierra Leone! With the ships mobility, expert staff on board and calm seas, it was ‘smooth sailing’ for eclipse chasers to an ideal cloud-free 90-seconds of totality. Simply amazing!

Our adventures in Africa have been extraordinary and will certainly ones for the memory books. Be a part of the extraordinary and join us for our next series of solar eclipse tours, in March 2015.


  1. I want to congratulate all the TQ Leadership Teams on their extraordinary efforts to provide the highest level of travel experiences for all of our eclipse trips in 2013. We here at TQ HQ work very hard in advance to plan every detail but it is then left in the reliable hands of our Trip Managers and Leaders to realize our clients travel expectations! Thank you and safe travels home. We now begin to prepare for our 2015 eclipse adventures! – Kari Hull (Operations Manager – TravelQuest)

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