Bali is a world of color. From its bright and diverse art forms to the emerald green hues of the landscapes, visual wonders abound as culture take center stage throughout the awe-inspiring Indonesian land.

Surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, Bali is one of the 7,500 islands in the Indonesian archipelago. The country’s varied topography ranges from mountains and volcanos to sandy beaches and lush jungles, offering endless adventure and breathtaking sightseeing.

As such, Bali has become a tourist hotspot and earned Travel + Leisure’s “Best Island” Award in 2010. The natural beauty, culinary and historical attractions, and warm locals helped put the island on the map for wanderlusters everywhere.

Bali’s long list of art forms create a visually appealing city. The paintings, sculptures and woodcarvings celebrate the culture, religion and numerous holidays. It has one of the most varied performing arts populations in the world and paid performances take place at thousands of festivals, ceremonies and public shows throughout the year. One of the largest celebrations is the Hindu New Year, known as Nyepi. Celebrated in the March, Nyepi is a day of silence that is preceded the day before with a large party featuring colorful monster sculptures parading through the streets that are burned at night to ward off evil spirits.

If Bali has long been on your list, plan ahead for the true Indonesian adventure of a lifetime during TQ’s newly tickled March 2016 Bali tour. The adventure will include experiencing a total solar eclipse on the “Island of Gods” and Melasti, the celebratory build-up to Nyepi.

Those on the tour will be emerged in the New Year celebrations as we don ceremonial garb and walk in procession to a temple where gifts will be offered to the gods. It will be a cultural experience unlike any other. Stay tuned for details as they develop!

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