We’re feeling rather nostalgic this week as we reminisce on what was an incredible total solar eclipse experience just a few short weeks ago. On November 3, 2013, a magnificent eclipse traveled over Africa where a multitude of TravelQuest guests witnessed in wonder from four various perches. While some were at sea, and others stood lakeside, our group in Uganda had a storied adventure that took them to a local school ground.

After the original site was found to be in use by the country’s president, TQ astronomer Jay Anderson was quick on his feet to find a new eclipse viewing spot at a Ugandan school. Yet, after nearly a day’s worth of scouting, preparing, and watching the sky, the area proved to be too cloudy for optimal viewing. But Jay and our guests weren’t giving up yet!

With 25 minutes to totality, they hit the road in search of better conditions and the coveted moment of sweet totality. Did they make it? Find out in this compelling solar eclipse video by longtime guest and TQ traveler Robert Stephens.

It was an extraordinary adventure, in true TQ style, which we will not soon forget.

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