There is no doubt that mobile devices have made our lives easier. From accessing recipes to directions, email and everything in between, having the Internet at our fingertips keeps us constantly engaged with both brands and individuals.

And our industry is of no exception. Travelers can access information on cultures, landmarks and transportation while jet setting nearly anywhere in the world. And while at home? We can witness the incredible journeys of our dear friends unfold while we plan for our next adventure.

Many companies in the industry are making the shift to mobile interfaces to better engage with consumers, be more convenient and meet the demand to always be connected.

“If people are now spending the majority of their time on particular platforms and media channels, then it is incumbent upon brands in the travel industry to have an effective, on-message, and brand-relevant presence on each of those platforms,” said Ken Herron, vice president of marketing for consumer brands at Tourico, a travel distribution company.

Another advocate of mobility is popular publication, Lonely Planet. Their site has been publishing PDF travel guides for years, before many people knew what an ebook was. They also partnered with Apple to develop an app in the early days of apps.

Currently, everyone is looking for “more.” Lonely Planet publishing manager Mark Germanchis has “observed more travelers using the web, ebooks, and mobile apps. There have been more points relevant to consumers within the travel cycle – before, during, and after the journey — and more new mobile devices allowing interaction from anywhere.”

Here at TQ, we are always putting the world at mobile users’ fingertips. From detailed travel logs of recent trips; videos of tour highlights and other blogs featuring future tours, industry updates, and places on our bucket list, TQ has been working to make tour information accessible from wherever your wanderlust may take you.

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