You may be planning your New Year’s Eve party and looking forward to a fresh start in 2014, but here at TQ, 2015 is on our mind! Now, this is not to say that 2014 won’t be an extraordinary one as we head from the North Pole to Antarctica and a number of incredible destinations in between. However, 2015 brings us another coveted solar eclipse and we simply cannot wait.

Our spring travel itinerary is already full as we look forward to flying higher and father around the world, from Svalbard, Norway to the Faroe Islands and even in an airliner above the clouds to view the most prized of all cosmological events – a total solar eclipse, taking place March 20, 2015.

Two tours, to Svalbard and the Faroe Islands, will depart a few days before on March 17. The Faroe Islands will welcome guests with Northern Lights a-blazin’. Located between Scotland and Iceland, the green mountainous islands are some of the most awe-inspiring remote lands we have ever traveled to. The beautiful island will serve as a backdrop to two minutes and nine seconds of totality. More celestial adventures await as we travel onward to enjoy the elusive aurora borealis following eclipse day.

Those headed to Svalbard will be greeted with the wintery, pristine expanse of peaceful snow and towering ice the create Norway’s stunning landscape. The clear Arctic sky will play the perfect host for the solar eclipse as astronomy-lovers look on in awe, viewing the phenomenon from a dramatic fjord. Home base will be Longyearbyen, a small island village, where dog-sledding, snowmobiling, cave exploration round out the adventure.

On eclipse day, we will also be flying high, viewing the eclipse from the skies. The  Flight to Totality will soar above the German clouds for a six-hour tour that will allow the viewing of three minutes and 45 seconds of eclipse totality. This one-of-a-kind trip offers a view that cannot be seen from anywhere on Earth. Full beverage, full service and full views will be available on the world-class flight.


To find out more about these 2015 eclipse tours and the rest of our planned adventures, visit our recently updated tour page.

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