In less than three months, TravelQuest International will be heading to Costa Rica for a celestial trip of a lifetime. We are officially counting down to the ultimate sky party during our trip from March 1-8 that will take place in the southern night sky.

On view in the starry sky will include the Large Magellanic Cloud, Omega Centauri, Southern Cross, Eta Carinae Nebula and other sparkly jewels for astronomy buffs to ooh and awe over. Astronomy author Gary Seronik will be joining the tour to share about all things related to space. Seronik’s passion for the stars has led him to write multiple articles on the subject, as well as producing planetarium shows and continuing his observation via telescopes and binoculars. His expertise will add a level of exploration that cannot be found on many stargazing trips.

When tour members are not looking up, they will enjoy a relaxing getaway from modern technology. The time in Costa Rica will be dotted with nature and bird watching walks, connecting visitors with the environment. Only a two-and-a-half hour trip from Miami, the destination is easily accessible and guests won’t have to worry about jet lag.

For more information on this tour and other upcoming TravelQuest tours, be sure to check out the site’s tour page.

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