Here we are at the start of a fresh new year and we are excited about what 2014 holds for TQ and our travelers! As our 2013 adventures turn into cherished memories, we get ready to embark on five more extraordinary journeys this year. 2014 is an ‘eclipse-less’ year but our eyes remain ever watchful on the skies on our Costa Rica Southern Sky Party and Iceland: Fire, Ice and Aurora tours. In addition to our two sky gazing tours, we will also embark on expeditions to both the North and South poles, and venture to Spain & France to explore ancient cave art and medieval villages.

Throughout these journeys, as on all TQ tours, travelers will not only explore and discover some of natures most unique and beautiful sights, but also create and share memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. These are the truly extraordinary moments we are so proud to be a part of.

We wish all of you peace and happiness in the New Year. And if chasing the extraordinary is on your list of resolutions, we invite you to join us in 2014:

Expedition to Antarctica and the South Pole
What better way to start a new year than embarking on the true trip of a lifetime? At this moment, 6 TQ adventurers are spending the first days of 2014 in the incredible windswept, icy expanse of the Earth’s geographic South Pole. Their journey will take them to visit a penguin colony, and includes an overnight at Union Glacier. In the heart of Antarctica, the group is also in search of meteorites as they delve even deeper into the incredible mysteries of this virtually untouched landscape. Traveling to the Poles is a journey that few will ever take in their lifetime, and this is a truly extraordinary way for our 6 adventurers to begin the New Year.

Costa Rica Southern Sky Party
At the beginning of Spring this year, TQ embarks on our 11th Annual Costa Rica Southern Sky Party. The southern perch provides an ideal vantage point for some of the most amazing stargazing in all the world. Travelers will enjoy five uninterrupted nights of stargazing in a relaxed setting, disconnected from phones, Internet and the stress of daily life. It is, as always, an amazing way to unwind, reconnect, or form new connections under the beauty and wonder of the southern sky.

Iceland : Fire, Ice & Aurora
For our second journey of the Spring, TQ takes off to the pristine, snowy expanses of Iceland in our acclaimed quest to view the Aurora Borealis. After taking in the modern marvels of Reykjavik, we will head to the northern side of Iceland to relish in a remote escape with unmatched viewing access to this natural wonder. Imagine multi-colored curtains undulating above you, serving as a perfect juxtaposition to the still, icy expanse. Along with Aurora viewing sessions, travelers will explore that natural wonders of Iceland including magnificent glaciers and ice fields, steaming geysers, hot springs, volcanic landscapes, green valleys, and grand waterfalls.

Expressions of the Past: Cave Art of Spain & France
In May, TQ delves deep into the mysteries of humankind’s past by exploring ancient cave art in Spain and France. TQ travelers will illuminate dimensions of Europe that mainstream tourists miss – in medieval churches and cobbled streets, in the springtime vineyards of well-known estates and, above all, on cave walls where the first human artists used deftly drawn lines and subtle shadings of color to evoke a distant world that is in fact remarkably close to our own. Travelers will also visit the great wine regions of La Rioja and Bordeaux, tasting with vintners and savoring the best of the regions’ distinctive culinary styles for a truly unique cultural experience.

Expedition to the North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure
The paradox of Arctic travel is that the further north you push, the closer you get to the point where there’s nowhere else to go but south. In the summer, TravelQuest travelers will live that paradox, following in the footsteps of intrepid explorers as we journey to the top of the planet and the precise spot where all lines of longitude converge: the North Pole. Sailing across the Arctic Sea, travelers will venture ashore in remote Franz Josef Land, then push on through a vast expanse of ice to our final destination. The thrill of polar excursions by helicopter and Zodiac – capped off by a hot-air balloon flight over the Pole itself – makes this tour a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While these tours take travelers to see truly amazing sights, it is our travelers themselves that are the heart of each TQ journey. The bonds created between friends old and new, the memories that will last a lifetime, and the once-in-a-lifetime moments shared by travelers from all walks of life – these are the things that give life to TQ tours and what makes them so special. Thank you for allowing us to help you reach the extraordinary – we wish each of you the best in the New Year.

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