Welcome, travelers, to TravelQuest’s “Expressions of the Past” trip blog. On this journey, we are trying a little experiment. Along with our excellent local guide (Cesar Higueras), we’ve added a TQ Trip Leader (that would be me) who will be shooting stills and video during the trip, describing a daily highlight or two for TQ’s blog, and generating snippets of text and imagery for TQ’s Facebook page. The goal is to have a post for you to read, every day of the tour (May 4-16, 2014). We’ve never tried this before, and neither has any other tour company (to the best of our knowledge).

If you’re one of the 25 travelers joining us on this journey, welcome. I’m Paul, and I’ll see you in Madrid. Tell your family and friends about this blog site, and they can follow along on your journey. You don’t need to, of course — you’ll be experiencing it!

If you’re not traveling with us, perhaps you’re reading this because you’re interested in TravelQuest tours, or maybe you wanted to take this particular trip but couldn’t, or maybe you’re just plain curious. Regardless, our hope is that via this blog, you will vicariously enjoy our adventures through southern Spain and northern France.

So come with us as we visit the wine regions of La Rioja (Spain) and Bordeaux (France), stay in the medieval villages of Santillana del Mar in Spain and Les Eyzies in France, explore a variety of cave art sites in both countries, and end in Antoni Gaudi’s Barcelona.

Written by: Paul Deans – TQ Editor

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