With Eclipse USA just 3 short years away, we at TQ felt it was time to pay a visit to one of our prime August 21, 2017, viewing locations – Jackson, Wyoming.

Let me say that the small town of Jackson, pop. 10,000, is not only a perfect place to see Eclipse 2017, but it also serves as the southern gateway to both Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, two beautiful attractions TQ will include in its 2017 eclipse tour.

TQ travelers may know Dr. Jim Little. He traveled with TQ to the Cook Islands in 2010, and again with us to Ethiopia in 2013, providing medical care to eclipse travelers in these remote regions of the world. Jim happens to live in Jackson, and he and his wife, Carolyn, hosted our small party during our visit, inviting us for dinner, leading hikes through local mountains, and even taking me for airborne for viewing location scouting aboard his beautiful vintage Cessna airplane.

More to come in the months ahead.

Written by: Aram Kaprielian

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