While internationally reported as ‘unseen’ and ‘disappointing’ on the rest of the Faroe Islands, for our TQ group it was a very successful (and dramatic) display of the total solar eclipse. The TravelQuest group traveled from Iceland to the tiny Faroe Islands with unparalleled anticipation, and perhaps even a little uncertainty. Mobile for the duration of the trip, the group was ready to chase down and capture the eclipse, no matter the location. Here are some accounts from the TQ staff on the day of the eclipse:

From Trip Leader Caren Banks –

“Eclipse day in the Faroe Islands turned out to be very exciting and dramatic.  Skies had been cloudy most of the days preceding the eclipse and our original viewing site had been nixed by Paul Deans and Gary Seronik.  At the last minute they decided that Vagar Airport would be the place to be if we had any chance at all of seeing the Eclipse.  Skies above were filled with fast moving clouds, but in the far distance we could see one little spot of blue sky.  I believe I speak for all of us when I say we held our breath from the 20 minute countdown  as we watched the skies speeding above us.  About 1-1/2 minutes before the Eclipse was due to begin, a miracle occurred and the blue spot of cloud started speeding towards  the sun and, literally as we counted down, 10, 9, 8, 7 …. etc., the blue surrounded the sun and allowed us to view totality in totality!  While we didn’t get the full 2 minutes and 9 seconds of the eclipse, we felt blessed to see 1 minute and 18 seconds and, I think I can safely speak for all of us once again, there were joyful tears in every eye at the Vagar Airport.  When we arrived back in town, most everyone else had chosen the town of Torshavn as THE place to be, imagine our surprise when we discovered that they had not witnessed totality, indeed, the BBC, Reuters, etc., had determined the Eclipse to be a washout!  If it’s possible to feel more blessed than we already did, then we felt even more blessed!”

From Trip Astronomer Paul Deans –

“Here at the Vagar airport in the Faroe Islands, we caught about 1 min 18 sec of totality, from diamond ring to cloud cover. We had cloud at first contact and rain off and on after that. Rapidly moving clouds, with larger and larger gaps, flowed eastward overhead. In the last 10 minutes prior to totality, the Sun was cloud free…then cloud and cloud steamers moved in during the last minute. We briefly lost the Sun in cloud (screams of “Noooo” rose from the group), but then we saw beads thru cloud. The diamond ring thru cloud (with iridescence) was amazing, the sky around the Sun cleared, and the prominences and corona were stunning. We could see heavy cloud rapidly moving in, and we lost totality before third contact. About five minutes later, it was raining.”

These are but a mere taste of the truly remarkable experience that unfolded in the Faroe Islands. An experience to be remembered by all our friends, the travelers, for years to come!

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(Video credit: David Seldon)

(Photo credit: David DenHartog)

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