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Vol 10 No. 2 Fall 2016 Coming Soon!
Vol 10 No. 1 Spring 2016 Portugal and Spain, Eclipse 2016 Success in Indonesia Download PDF
Vol 9 No. 2 Winter 2016 Norway Trips the Light Fantastic, Totality 2017: Join Us Download PDF


Vol 9 No. 1 Summer 2015 Totality x3 – Faroe Islands, Flight to Totality, Svalbard Eclipses Download PDF
Vol 8 No. 2 Winter 2015 Cruising the Norwegian Coast where the Vikings once sailed. Working with Mr. Anderson, TQ’s eclipse meteorologist. Download PDF


Vol 8 No. 1 Summer 2014 Eclipse 2016 and The Island of the Gods. A journey through ancient Spain and France. Download PDF
Vol 7 No. 2 Winter 2014 Darkness Over Africa: Four TQ groups journeys. TQ travelers in awe over aurora. Download PDF


Vol 7 No. 1 Summer 2013 Travel to both poles in 2014. Discover prehistoric cave art, wine, and more in Spain and France. Download PDF
Vol 6 No. 2 Winter 2013 Totality 2012 : Four trips offered, four tales of success. On to Africa: The Moon’s shadow next appears over Africa. Download PDF


Vol 5 No. 4 Spring 2012 In Advance of a Rushing Shadow: Insights and musings from an eclipse-site inspection tour to Kenya for totality in 2013. Download PDF
Vol 5 No. 3 Winter 2012 Expedition Eclipse 2012: Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia Eclipse 2013 Download PDF


Vol 5 No. 2 Fall 2011 All about cruising to totality on Celebrity’s Millennium. Also offered are tips on cruise photography so you can bring back those memories the way you want them. Download PDF
Vol 5 No. 1 Summer 2011 Experience an extremely rare transit of Venus. Check our our cruises and other Tours for the 2012 Total Solar Eclipses. Download PDF
Vol 4 No. 4 Spring 2011 Look at an in-depth of our up coming Tour to Australia in 2012. Check out our other 2012 Total Solar Eclipse locations. Download PDF


Vol 4 No. 3 Winter 2010 Papua New Guinea, an Annular eclipse Tour in May 2012, A new Total Solar Eclipse Tour in 2012 and many more. Download PDF
Vol 4 No. 2 Fall 2010 Cook Island total eclipse 2010 by Rick Fienberg; Polynesian total eclipse 2010 by Jay Anderson; Easter Island total eclipse 2010 by Paul Deans. Download PDF
Vol 4 No. 1 Summer 2010 Australia total eclipse 2012; Iceland Fire, Ice, Aurora and Volcano; Costa Rica star party. Download PDF
Vol 3 No. 4 Spring 2010 Antarctic South Pole Expedition; Iceland Aurora. Download PDF


Vol 3 No. 3 Winter 2009 Escape of the Wuhan4; Kenya; Costa Rica star party; Travel Insurance. Download PDF
Vol 3 No. 2 Fall 2009 Kenya annular eclipse 2010; South Pacific total eclipse 2009 by Rick Fienberg; China total eclipse 2009 by Paul Deans. Download PDF
Vol 3 No. 1 Summer 2009 Mediterranean total eclipse cruise 2006; upcoming 2010 total eclipse. Download PDF
Vol 2 No. 4 Spring 2009 South Pacific total eclipse 2009; TQ Trip Leaders; Beijing. Download PDF


Vol 2 No. 3 Winter 2008 Costa Rica Star Lodge; Siberia total eclipse 2008 by David Levy. Download PDF
Vol 2 No. 2 Fall 2008 Botswana; Profile Paul Swart; 2008 total eclipse round-up by J. Kelly Beatty, Rick Fienberg and Jay Anderson. Download PDF
Vol 2 No. 1 Summer 2008 Russia; Profile Jay Anderson; Turkey eclipse 2006. Download PDF
Vol 1 No. 4 Spring 2008 China’s Silk Road; Profile Steve Xu. Download PDF


Vol 1 No. 3 Winter 2007 Costa Rica; Profile Gary Seronik; India total eclipse 1995. Download PDF
Vol 1 No. 2 Fall 2007 Iceland; Profile Martina Potzsch; Bolivia total eclipse 1994. Download PDF
Vol 1 No. 1 Summer 2007 Welcome! Download PDF