French Polynesia Total Solar Eclipse Cruise

July 6 - 13, 2010

At the turn of the century, impressionist Paul Gauguin traveled to the tropical shores of French Polynesia to create some of his most renowned masterpieces. Today his namesake, the m/s PAUL GAUGUIN, transports you to the same romantic Tahitian vacation paradise – to explore, experience and to witness the July 11, 2010 Total Solar Eclipse.

From our specially selected eclipse viewing site at sea east of Tahiti, we will experience 4 minutes of magnificent totality. We’ll begin our special voyage visiting the former religious and political heart of Polynesia, Raiatea; our private paradise, Motu Mahana; and the legendary delights of Bora Bora. Since the eclipse will be visible only within a narrow band of the Southern Hemisphere, we’ll take a day at sea on the Pacific Ocean to reach our ideal spot to view a full 4 minutes of totality. While weather prospects for eclipse viewing are good, our ship’s mobility at sea will increase our chances of seeing this magnificent celestial event. During our time at sea you are invited to join our Astronomy Lecture Program featuring some of the world’s most respected astronomy and eclipse experts.

This is your opportunity to experience the ultimate in relaxation, explore remnants of Polynesian dynasties, and witness the incredible natural majesty of a total solar eclipse. Do not miss the boat! Make your reservation today.

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