West Africa Total Solar Eclipse Cruise: Spain to Sierra Leone

October 22 - November 5, 2013

Sailing down the western coast of Africa aboard an intimate cruise ship. Venturing ashore at colonial ports to explore exotic bazaars and haunting desert landscapes. And viewing a spectacular total eclipse of the Sun at sea from one of the best points on the planet to experience it.

These three elements come together seamlessly in the latest astronomical adventure from TravelQuest – West Africa Total Solar Eclipse Cruise: Spain to Sierra Leone.

Experience Maximum Totality at Sea

Sub-Saharan Africa is the ideal place to be on November 3, 2013, for the total solar eclipse – or, to be more precise, the hybrid eclipse, as it will be both annular and total depending on where you’re located along its path. Scanning the skies from TravelQuest’s expertly chosen viewing point in the Atlantic, you’ll revel in 1 minute 30 seconds of totality – a mere 10 seconds less than the maximum possible time you can spend in the Moon’s shadow as it sweeps across the ocean toward Africa.

Our exclusive observation platform – and your comfortable home for this 15-day adventure cruise – is the yacht-like Corinthian, a 100-passenger vessel that epitomizes the best in small-ship travel. Extensively refurbished in 2009, Corinthian offers only gracious suites, each with ocean views, plus all the amenities you’d expect from a modern cruise ship.

Explore the Mysteries of Western Africa

Our TravelQuest eclipse adventure is also a voyage of discovery along Africa’s western coast, plying waters that are less visited today but once were frequented by explorers, colonists, missionaries, and traders including, tragically, practitioners of the slave trade. This is the Africa of maze-like souks and bustling village markets, of colonial plantations and vast wildlife sanctuaries, of noble imperial cities and vanished empires.

Throughout your journey, as you explore memorable destinations in Morocco and Sierra Leone, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know the people – from farmers to fishermen, artists to artisans, park rangers to naturalists studying chimpanzees. And to deepen your understanding of contemporary Africa, we’ve arranged encounters with local leaders who will share their perspectives on the region’s complex history, culture, and politics.

Every day on this remarkable voyage adds a new dimension to your African experience. And as an added bonus, you’ll only have to unpack your bags once! We look forward to having you join us for an eclipse adventure unlike any other.


  • October 22 – November 5, 2013
  • 15-day adventure cruise aboard yacht-like Corinthian
  • See a 1-minute 30-second total solar eclipse
  • Ports of Call in Spain, Morocco, Canary Islands, Senegal and Sierra Leone

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