December 2020

Discover Argentina Total Solar Eclipse

The last time we hosted a trip in this beautiful country was back in 1994, and we look forward to revisiting some of our favorite highlights, from the cosmopolitan elegance of Buenos Aires to the world’s largest waterfalls at Iguazu – which we’ll take in from spectacularly perched viewing platforms on both the Argentine and Brazilian sides. And while we’re in South America, it’s a perfect opportunity to visit a few other destinations on many travelers’ bucket lists. So we’ll fly north for a river cruise on the Amazon, with its diverse jungle wildlife and fascinating indigenous cultures. And what journey would be complete without a stroll along Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro? But of course the focal point of our eclipse adventure will come on December 14, as we experience 2 minutes and 4 seconds of totality in Argentina’s scenic southern Lake District at the edge of Patagonia.

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