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Eclipse Tours, Cruises & Astronomy-Themed Excursions

April 2023

Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse

As we seek out the best places on Earth for eclipse viewing and stargazing, we also explore some of our planet’s most fascinating and less-travelled regions – because that’s all part of the TravelQuest experience. On our astronomy-themed journeys, we don’t just look upward; we immerse ourselves in the natural and cultural wonders all around us.

March 2024

Mexico’s Copper Canyon Total Solar Eclipse

We discovered many years ago that northern Mexico, with its dramatic landscapes and vast skies, was an extraordinary – and wonderfully accessible – destination for eclipse viewing and stargazing. Now, after decades of exploring every region of the planet, we’re happy to be returning once again to Mexico for the total solar eclipse of April 8, 2024.

April 2024

Heart of Texas Total Solar Eclipse

The prairie sky is wide and high, the old song tells us, deep in the heart of Texas. Clearly that makes the Lone Star State an ideal place to view a total eclipse of the Sun. Yet in all the years TravelQuest has been creating astronomical adventures around the world, we’ve never brought eclipse aficionados to explore this part of the sunny Southwest.

A Match made in the Heavens