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Featured Eclipse Tours, Cruises & Astronomy-Themed Excursions

September 2024

Atacama Desert & Easter Island Annular Eclipse

In the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, an arid expanse stretching from the Andes to the Pacific coast, the vast night skies offer some of the clearest stargazing on Earth. And a few thousand miles to the west on Easter Island, the massive stone statues that dot the rugged landscape provide an evocative backdrop for viewing an annular eclipse and the memorable “Ring of Fire” created when sunlight flares around the Moon.

August 2026

2026 Greenland & Iceland Total Solar Eclipse Cruise

TravelQuest invites you on a remarkable 12-day voyage as we sail from Reykjavik, Iceland, across the Denmark Strait to explore Northeast Greenland National Park - the world’s largest, covering more area than 85% of countries around the globe. We also cruise into Scoresbysund, the planet’s largest fjord system (ice permitting), to spot wildlife, visit a remote Inuit community and, on August 12, 2026, witness the total solar eclipse from our world-class expedition ship.

August 2026

2026 Spain Total Solar Eclipse Tour – Northbound

A Feast for the Senses

The spirit of discovery has defined Spain for more than six centuries, since the first wave of Renaissance explorers set off across the seas in search of terra incognita – promising gold, silver, spices and other riches to their royal sponsors. That same spirit of curiosity has long infused Spanish culture, from its extraordinary art and architecture, to its groundbreaking literature, to its distinctive wines and cuisine – all of which continue to be celebrated today in a land of remarkable vibrancy, flair and warm hospitality.

A Match made in the Heavens