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Featured Eclipse Tours, Cruises & Astronomy-Themed Excursions

April 2023

Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse

As we seek out the best places on Earth for eclipse viewing and stargazing, we also explore some of our planet’s most fascinating and less-travelled regions – because that’s all part of the TravelQuest experience. On our astronomy-themed journeys, we don’t just look upward; we immerse ourselves in the natural and cultural wonders all around us.

September 2023

Norway ’s Aurora, Culture & Scenic Wonders

The striking fjords ringed by snowcapped mountains, deep blue waters reflecting the spires of medieval towns, vast herds of reindeer crossing the high Arctic, and the celebrated stories and song by the Sami people – such riches all paint a stunning picture of the rugged and beautiful culture and landscapes we will explore on our cruise through the fjords of Norway.

October 2023

New Mexico & Arizona Annular Eclipse

New Mexico and Arizona, with their vast open spaces and arid climates that create exceptionally clear skies, have long attracted both professional astronomers and passionate stargazers. Dotting the desert landscape is a fascinating mix of historic towns and lively arts communities steeped in the heritage of the region’s native peoples.

A Match made in the Heavens