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Eclipse Tours, Cruises & Astronomy-Themed Excursions

September 2022

Iceland: Fire, Ice & Aurora

There are two key things to know about the aurora borealis: It’s a phenomenon everyone should experience once in their lives, and once you’ve seen those spectacular multi-hued lights shimmering across the northern sky, you’ll definitely want to see them again.

April 2023

Bali to Broome Total Solar Eclipse Cruise

For most of us, Bali conjures up dreams of exotic escape from our everyday lives. But what if this jewel of the Java Sea was just the starting point for a journey even further beyond the ordinary? Imagine sailing on a luxury expedition ship to a remote island preserve of giant dragon lizards. Then venturing ashore on one of the world’s tiniest island nations.

April 2023

Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse

As we seek out the best places on Earth for eclipse viewing and stargazing, we also explore some of our planet’s most fascinating and less-travelled regions – because that’s all part of the TravelQuest experience. On our astronomy-themed journeys, we don’t just look upward; we immerse ourselves in the natural and cultural wonders all around us.

A Match made in the Heavens