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Our Story

Eclipse Tour & Astronomy Travel Experts


A Unique Community

For well over two decades, TQ has planned and operated specialized travel adventures for discerning journeyers from all corners of the globe. Our specialties are eclipse tours and astronomy-themed excursions; chiefly, opportunities to stand before the majesty of the aurora borealis, or in the Moon’s shadow during perhaps the rarest and awe-inspiring event one can possibly imagine – a total eclipse of the Sun. This communal experience engenders a profound sense of interconnectedness, oftentimes sparking lifelong friendships.

Destinations Written in the Stars

Finding the best places to view the stars, eclipses and aurora invariably takes you to the extremities of our planet – from polar latitudes, to remote, seldom visited places, or even revered and decorated metropolises, depending on the path of celestial happenings. This is our craft; to design an eclipse travel package that will endow our clients with the opportunity to experience the wonders of the heavens from this blue giant we call our home.


We at TravelQuest aspire to show respect to the communities we enter, honor their customs, infuse localized economies through regional partnerships, and evolve our own means for reducing our ecological footprint on the planet we so very much wish to share with you.

Your Invitation

Join us to share in the wonder of this amazing planet we call Earth and its heavens above. We are confident we will deliver a memorable travel experience where the ephemeral becomes lasting, and that you will be like so many of our past and current adventurers; someone that will join us on future trips again and again.

Let the adventure begin.