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2027 Solar Eclipse Travel

The path of totality for the total solar eclipse on August 2, 2027 travels east over the Atlantic, squeezes through the Straits of Gibraltar, and skims the northern African coast before reaching its maximum duration just outside Luxor, Egypt.

Where do you want to be when that happens? If our guess is right, it’s exactly where we’re planning to go, too! Luxor in 2027 makes for one of the most sought-after total solar eclipse viewing spots on the planet, and we’ve saved you a seat right around the world famous Luxor Temple.

Join TravelQuest’s meticulously planned, expert-guided Egyptian total solar eclipse tour and enjoy fascinating stops to such quintessential Egyptian sites as Abu Simpel, Karnak, and Edfu. We handle all the details and pick the most remarkable experiences to squeeze excitement out of every last minute of your journey. Make 2027 a year to anticipate, and a year to remember forever, with one of our most stunning total eclipse tours.

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2027 Egypt Total Solar Eclipse Tour

There couldn’t be a more thematically suitable destination for viewing a total solar eclipse than Egypt, whose ancient civilizations’ reverence for the heavens led to stunning advances in astronomy (not to mention its architecture!). On one hand the Sun gives you a perfect glimpse of the Moon’s silhouette, and on the other, the country shows you the real-life, up-close versions of iconic marvels you’d recognize from silhouette alone. The Great Pyramids of Giza. The Sphinx. Luxor Temple’s pharaonic statues. When August 2, 2027 rolls around, find yourself stationed nearby the Luxor Temple to witness an extremely rare 6 minutes plus of totality. Full details for this tour are pending. Click Get Notified above to be updated on our pricing and itinerary.

Find Your Way to an Egyptian Total Solar Eclipse in 2027

Astronomers of ancient Egypt long admired and studied the cosmos visible from the enormous sky above the dry desert. Now you can do the same, and admire the land they called home, while you watch the Moon trace its path across the sky directly before the Sun. Keep informed of updates to our 2027 total solar eclipse tour plans by clicking Get Notified on the tour page above.