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Baja California and the Sea of Cortez
Among the Great Whales

We’ve recently been reminded how precious time is… how many experiences remain on our lifetime lists… how much world we still have left to explore…

TravelQuest’s latest adventure sets sail in February 2022 aboard Lindblad Expeditions’ state-of-the-art National Geographic Venture. Together, we will have unforgettable close encounters with California gray whales in the wild, snorkel with friendly sea lions and along spectacular coral reefs, explore desert islands in the Sea of Cortez, and experience superb guided stargazing from aboard ship and on remote coastal beaches.

Join us and discover the beauty of the Baja California peninsula – a string of deserts along a mountainous spine that extends southward from California, separating Mexico’s mainland from the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget your binoculars – for the stars and the whales!