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Western Australia Outback Total Solar Eclipse

Alson Wong’s Travelogue

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I traveled with Bob Stephens to Singapore, where we spent three days and nights before joining TravelQuest in Perth. We stayed at a hotel that connects to one of the terminals at the Singapore airport and the Jewel building which has stores, restaurants, and an indoor waterfall called the Rain Vortex. We also visited several popular Instagram spots and went to the SkyPark Observation Deck, which is at an elevation of 200 meters (656 feet). That evening, we watched the Spectra light show. On our third day, we visited the Future World Exhibit at the ArtScience Museum, and Gardens by the Bay, which has the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome. That evening, we watched the Garden Rhapsody light show at the SuperTree Grove.

On our first full day in Perth, we took a tour of the city and then went to Hangover Bay and the Pinnacles rock formations before spending the evening at the Gravity Discovery Centre, which has telescopes for stargazing. Unfortunately clouds moved in that evening which obscured our view of the night sky.

On our second full day, we visited Fremantle, and on the following day we took a ferry boat to Rottnest Island. The next two days were spent snorkeling near dolphins, and then a cruise on the Swan River to Sandalford Winery.

On eclipse day, we took a chartered flight to Learmouth and then drove a short distance north to observe the eclipse south of Exmouth, and then flew back to Perth. The day after the eclipse we flew from Perth to Alice Springs, where we spent an evening at the Earth Sanctuary Nature Centre for music, dinner, and the dark night sky. The following day we flew to Uluru (Ayers Rock) where we viewed it at sunset. That evening several of us hiked about half a mile to a lookout where I took some pictures of objects in the southern sky, including the Large Magellanic Cloud, the Eta Carinae Nebula, the Southern Cross, and the Milky Way. After going to bed at 5 am, Bob and I slept in and stayed at the hotel until we joined the group for dinner the next evening at Sounds of Silence for dinner under the stars.