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Bali to Broome Total Solar Eclipse Cruise

Marjorie Schuchardt’s Travelogue

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This was the best trip I have ever taken.  As too many moments to note of beauty, understanding, spirit, and personal growth, I decided to share instead a humorous take on what I learned.

Key Take Aways From My First Travel Quest Journey...

1. Never do a large scale cruise. Expedition is the only way to go.
2. Travel with nerds.
3. Much, much better to travel with your family who are nerds
4. Don’t underestimate the value of compression sock use on 14 hour flights
5. The world does not speak American English
6. Remember to take the solar glasses off to see the aurora in a total Solar eclipse
7. The French drink champagne like Americans drink beer
8. Sinus and stomach meds are worth gold
9. Hand washing laundry on board is not worth the effort
10. Do your homework with customs and border patrol
11. Print extra health forms
12. Mocha chino….
13. Bring lots of crew neck T-shirts, one a day is not enough
14. SPF 30+ at the equator and reapply hourly
15. Own a portable luggage scale
16. Plankton is cool
17. What did we do before What’s App and satellite internet
18. Never underestimate the beauty of a sunrise or sunset
19. “Keep hands and feet inside the ride” now has an entirely new and scary meaning
20. And finally…The word “wow” can be used in multiple volumes to describe all the incredibly spectacular sights on this trip…