Cold Weather Packing Checklist – Iceland

Packing Checklist and Information
During the fall season, the weather in Iceland can vary considerably, even during the course of each day. To cater for these variations, we recommend a layered approach to dressing that enables you to adapt easily to changes in temperature, wind, and precipitation conditions. We advise you to bring breathable rain and windproof clothing. We’ll occasionally be walking over rough, possibly icy terrain, so sturdy shoes are important, and travelers may want to consider a walking stick or trekking pole. Bring UV protective sunglasses; even during the autumn there are plenty of sunny days and sunlight reflected off snow can be blinding. It is the sole responsibility of the traveler to prepare for ANY kind of weather.

__ Comb/Brush
__ Toothbrush/Toothpaste
__ Soap
__ Shampoo
__ Razor/Shaving cream
__ Cosmetics
__ Deodorant
__ Glasses/Contact lenses (with solutions & storing case)
__ Sunglasses
__ Sunscreen, lip balm
__ Prescriptions, vitamins, etc.
__ Water bottle
__ Pocket tissues
__ Pre-moistened towelettes
__ Washcloth
__ Sleep mask (daytime sleeping)
__ Earplugs
__ Hand warmers

__ Passport/ID
__ Airline tickets/Travel documents
__ Credit cards/Cash spending money
__ Final Travel Information
__ Wallet/Purse
__ Cell phone & charger
__ Laptop & charger (or Tablet & charger)
__ Day Pack
__ Phone Numbers/Addresses
__ Health insurance information
__ Camera/Memory Cards/Battery & charger
__ Binoculars
__ Alarm Clock/Watch
__ Needle & Thread/Safety Pins
__ Reading materials & reading light
__ Flashlight (with red filter)
__ Collapsible umbrella (for sun or rain)
__ Collapsible walking stick/Trekking pole
__ Electrical adapter
__ Playing cards/games
__ Collapsible bag for purchases

__ Warm coat
__ Hooded parka (water/wind resistant)
__ Hat & scarf
__ Over-pants (water/wind resistant)
__ Gloves and/or mittens
__ Long pants
__ Insulated boots & socks
__ Shirts (long & short sleeve)
__ Underwear (thermal & regular)
__ Pajamas
__ Sweaters
__ Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon post-tour: Swim wear/bathing suit

***Laundry facilities are available at Heydalur Guesthouse in Heydalur, Iceland. Please make sure you give any laundry to the Guesthouse staff no later than the morning of the 10th (Day 8 of the tour) to ensure you get it back before we leave on the 11th.

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