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January 1 - 11, 2011

Expedition to Antarctica: Overnight at the South Pole

Join TravelQuest International on a rare travel experience as we journey to the geographic South Pole, January 1-12, 2011. Boarding our chartered transport jet from the southern tip of Chile, we will fly deep into the heart of Antarctica, the most remote and remarkable destination on Earth.

One of the greatest stories in Antarctic exploration is the race to reach the Geographic South Pole. The heroic journeys of Amundsen and Scott still fascinate us and inspire us to travel to the end of the Ear ...Show more


  • Experience the tranquility of Antarctica and the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving the extraordinary.
  • Fly to the Geographic South Pole, where beneath your feet, all 360 lines of longitude meet and in a few steps you can “walk around the world”!
  • Tour Amundsen-Scott Scientific Station and camp overnight at the most southerly point on Earth.


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