2026 Solar Eclipse Travel | Spain Solar Eclipse Tour
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2026 Solar Eclipse Travel

When the Moon’s shadow passes over northern Spain on August 12, 2026, it will have been over 20 years since the last total solar eclipse was visible in continental Europe. And while locals won’t have to wait another two decades for the next one to pass over, why would you wait another minute to see one of the most awe-inspiring celestial events visible from planet Earth from one of the most gorgeous regions on planet Earth?

Join TravelQuest for one of its expertly curated journeys culminating in the awesome experience of a total solar eclipse in late summer 2026. When you’re on one of our guided tours, all the de-tails are handled, the reservations are secured, and each stop along the way to our impeccably chosen total solar eclipse viewing destination is selected with utmost attention to dazzle your mind and your senses. All you need to do is reserve a spot, mark the ‘X’ on your calendar, and get ready to go!

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2026 Spain Total Solar Eclipse Tour

When the Moon passes directly over northern Spain on August 12, 2026 to blot out the Sun, you’ll be there in the midst of a guided tour, taking in the spectacular countrysides, historic landmarks, wine, cuisine, and everything else Spain has to offer. Details are still in the making. Stay on top of our pricing and itinerary by clicking “Get Notified” on the tour page.

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Has it been too long since you visited Europe? Or never been at all? Let the dark and silent majesty of a total solar eclipse be the reason you finally book that ticket and give yourself a trip to dream about. Click above to stay notified of upcoming details and other TravelQuest-guided total eclipse tours!