Antarctic Expedition to Totality

December 2021

Eclipse Tour Destination: Antartica

A total eclipse of the sun doesn’t just unfold in the heavens. It transforms the minds and hearts of those fortunate enough to experience such a rare event firsthand. The same is true of journeys to the remotest regions of our planet: standing on a mountain peak or in a stark polar landscape, you can’t help but reflect on your place in the larger scheme of things.

These insights have converged in a remarkable new adventure from TravelQuest.

In December 2021 we’ll be gathering a select group of guests to view the solar eclipse at the furthest possible point from their everyday lives: deep in the heart of Antarctica. Partnering with our friends at Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions, we’re creating a unique expedition to the last unexplored continent – culminating in 48 seconds of haunting darkness as the Moon’s shadow passes over a vast, pristine expanse of ice and snow.

There’s never been a trip like our Antarctic Expedition to Totality. And in the coming months we’ll be adding further dimensions to make it even more exceptional. We’re planning a visit to a research station at the South Pole – with an opportunity to “Ski the Last Degree,” crossing the icecap under your own power. We’re also arranging an optional excursion to see Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat. And seasoned adventurers will have a chance to climb Mt. Vinson, the tallest peak on the White Continent.

At TravelQuest we’ve devoted more than 20 years to creating remarkable, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences. With this trip we’re taking that standard to an even higher level, thanks to the technical, logistical and environmental expertise of the most seasoned eclipse travel team in the business.

We’ll be formally launching Antarctic Expedition to Totality in 2019. To make sure you’re among the first to receive an itinerary and pricing details, please share your name and email address below – and watch your inbox for exciting updates.

Union Glacier base camp viewing site for the total solar eclipse, December 4, 2021.

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