Norway’s Aurora, Culture, and Scenic Wonders

October 5 - 15, 2015

Stunning fjords ringed by snowcapped mountains. Deep blue waters reflecting the spires of medieval towns. Vast herds of reindeer crossing the high Arctic, their numbers celebrated in story and song by the Sami people. And, if conditions are just right, in the night sky a shimmering curtain of green, blue, red, and purple – the elusive aurora borealis.

Join TravelQuest October 5-15, 2015 as we weave together all of these remarkable elements (and more) on a one-of-a-kind journey to Norway. From pristine landscapes of extraordinary beauty to the proud legacy of Nordic history and culture – plus six nights of ideal opportunities to witness the dramatic spectacle of the northern lights – this Scandinavian adventure promises to create a lifetime of memories.

Setting out from the west coast port of Trondheim, enjoy four days of cruising Norway’s magnificent fjords aboard a vessel of the celebrated Hurtigruten line. We sail up the coast to Nordkapp (North Cape) – at 71°N, the most northerly point in continental Europe – then carry on to Kirkenes near the Norway-Russia border. Then you’re immersed in the indigenous culture of the Scandinavian Arctic as we use remote Karasjok as a base for exploring the Laplander way of life, past and present. And after days spent viewing reindeer on the tundra, followed by evenings of traditional feasts, songs, and storytelling with our Sami hosts, we have the ideal vantage point for taking in the breathtaking lightshow overhead.

To make the most of your northern journey, you can also opt to extend your stay in Oslo, Norway’s elegant capital. There you’ll find welcoming people, sophisticated culture, and architectural monuments such as the parliament building, the royal palace, and the Akershus fortress.

It’s hard to imagine a Scandinavian trip that more skillfully combines fascinating cultural discoveries with spectacular natural phenomena.


  • 6 nights of dark sky aurora viewing
  • 4 days scenic Fjords cruising
  • Special visit to North Cape at 71°N lat
  • 3 days exploring past and present Sami culture
  • All flights within Norway

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