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January 1 - 11, 2013

Expedition to Antarctica: Overnight at the South Pole

Picture yourself in a landscape of windswept snow and ice, gazing across a vast expanse of white to where the horizon blurs into a sky of crystalline blue. And then imagine looking down, alone with your thoughts in the haunting emptiness, and seeing the pattern of your boot prints on ice that Amundsen or Scott may have trudged across more than a century ago.

Adventurous travelers often talk about journeying to the ends of the Earth, but rarely do they mean it quite as literally as this. If you ...Show more


  • January 1-11, 2013
  • Optional 6-day Pre-Expedition New Year’s Cape Horn Cruise
  • Base Camp at 79° S
  • Visit a penguin colony in Patagonia
  • Overnight at South Pole 90°S


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