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March 20 - 20, 2015

Flight to Totality

When you have a passion for viewing total solar eclipses, the quest for the perfect vantage point never ends. You could be on a remote mountain slope, in the middle of a desert, crossing the Arctic tundra or sailing among Pacific islands – and TravelQuest has journeyed to all of these places and more.

Still, there are inevitably those moments when you say to yourself, “If only we could get above the clouds.”

We have the answer. Join us as we venture high above the clouds aboard a chartered ...Show more


  • View the March 20, 2015, total solar eclipse over the Norwegian Sea.
  • Flying above the clouds, you’re almost guaranteed to see totality.
  • At our mid-eclipse location, the Sun will be approximately 20° high, perfectly situated for observing from an aircraft.
  • Limited passenger capacity ensures a relaxed, comfortable flight.
  • Enjoy attentive, international-class food and beverage service.
  • Add our optional two-night Düsseldorf hotel package: March 19–21.


Some of our travelers share their experiences from this tour.