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Rugged is one word to describe Norway, and ‘beautiful’ usually accompanies it. Picture the deep-watered, glacier-carved fjords weaving through towering, snowcapped mountains and leading you to picturesque towns populated by medieval spires and wooden architecture. Remember the fierce Vikings who called these ports home during the two-century period when they were at the height of their power, and whose voyages foreshadowed the brave arctic exploration of Norway’s native son, Roald Amundsen. Further inland, and far north in the high arctic region, herds of reindeer migrate across snowy landscapes where the Sami people continue their rich traditions of feasting, storytelling, and singing.

Ribbons of Color Over a Striking Landscape

If you look up on a clear night, you may very well find the darkness draped in the majestic blues, greens, reds, and purples of the ever-elusive aurora borealis. Norway is nearly bisected by the invisible line of the Arctic Circle, which encircles the Earth at 66° 33´N, putting its northern half neatly within the aurora zone, an oval section of earth that roughly corresponds with Earth’s northern geomagnetic pole. Given the right weather conditions, you couldn’t ask for a better place to watch aurora, which is why we at TravelQuest have pinpointed Norway as one of our go-to destinations of sightseeing and aurora tours.

Experience Norway Travel with TravelQuest

Our Norway travel itineraries set you on a path of adventure that leads you up its western coast, starting in the port of Bergen, the medieval capital of Norway whose old town of Bryggen—with its many quaint avenues and streets—counts itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, our cruises leap from fjord to fjord, dropping you off in Trondheim, a city of architectural contrasts, with its historic wooden buildings, monastery ruins facing off against colorfully painted wharfs and the bright red Gamle Bybro Bridge. Further up the way is Tromsø, Norway’s largest northern city, with its statue of famous explorer Roald Amundsen, its Polar Museum housed in a 19th century customs house, and its striking Arctic Cathedral.

You can visit the northernmost point of continental Europe at Nordkapp (North Cape) before looping back around via an overland route to spend time with the Sami people—also known as Lapps or Laplanders—in Karasjok. Starting with a visit to the Sami Cultural Center, you can learn about their history and culture, enjoy their cuisine and storytelling traditions, and learn all about their unique singing style known as joik. It’s at a Sami village where you can encounter reindeer before juxtaposing the staggering Northern Lights Cathedral with ancient cave art found in nearby Alta.

It all may sound too good to be true, and if that isn’t enough, consider that our cruises include night after night of possible aurora viewing. Norway offers a bounty of rich history, jaw dropping scenery, and night sky watching that you won’t want to miss. Contact us to book your Norway travel today and get notified with the latest updates.