Expedition to the North Pole: The Ultimate Arctic Adventure

June 18 - July 2, 2014

The paradox of Arctic travel is that the further north you push, the closer you get to the point where there’s nowhere else to go but south.

TravelQuest invites you to live that paradox, following in the footsteps of intrepid explorers as we journey to the top of the planet and the precise spot where all lines of longitude converge: the North Pole. Sailing across the Arctic Sea, we venture ashore in remote Franz Josef Land, then push on through a vast expanse of ice to our final destination. Add in the thrill of polar excursions by helicopter and Zodiac – capped off by a hot-air balloon flight over the Pole itself – and you have a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

A One-of-a-Kind Polar Expedition

For centuries explorers set out to reach the Pole by sled, ship, aircraft and even balloon, but it wasn’t until 1948 that a human finally reached 90º North. Now TravelQuest has put together the ultimate 66th anniversary celebration of that first polar triumph: a special expedition aboard the Russian icebreaker, 50 YEARS OF VICTORY, one of the few ships powerful enough to push through the formidable Arctic ice pack.

As we make our way northward, experts share their insights via shipboard lectures on everything from the history of polar exploration to Arctic mammal, bird and marine life. Then join us on the ice, walking windswept stretches where no one has ever likely walked before. Head out to spot whales among the ice floes in one of the ship’s nimble Zodiacs. Or just watch from the deck as our icebreaker’s massive armored bow plows through pack ice under the midnight Sun.

On this unique polar journey, the High Arctic is not a passing vista but a full-immersion experience – in an awe-inspiring, rapidly changing environment that confronts you constantly with the raw power and ultimate mystery of nature.

TravelQuest’s Polar Attraction Society

Join the fortunate few who’ve truly traveled to the ends of the Earth. Reaching the North or South Pole is a triumph in its own right. But being able to say you’ve stood at both ends of the Earth may be the ultimate travel achievement. This is what inspired TravelQuest to create the Polar Attraction Society.

As a leader in expeditions to the planet’s less accessible corners, we’re one of the few companies that can take you to both poles. And once you complete your first trip in either direction, you automatically qualify to become a society member – gaining special advantages for your second polar adventure.

Many travelers have told us that after they’d reached one end of the planet, the attraction of the other only grew stronger. For that we now have an easy answer: “Join the society!” Contact us today to discover all the benefits of the Polar Attraction Society – and to talk about which pole is next on your horizon. 

Banner photo by Alexnder Kutskiy


  • June 18 – July 2, 2014
  • Journey to 90° North and stand at the top of the world
  • Sail in comfort aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker, 50 YEARS OF VICTORY
  • Enjoy Zodiac cruising, whale watching and remote shore expeditions
  • Discover unique flora and fauna in the rugged Franz Josef Land
  • Spot unusual Arctic sea birds and wildlife everywhere we explore
  • Fly over the North Pole by helicopter – or optional hot-air balloon

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