2023 Solar Eclipse Travel | New Mexico & Arizona Solar Eclipse Tour
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2023 Solar Eclipse Travel

By land or by sea, your options for booking a solar eclipse tour for 2023 are all made possible by TravelQuest. The arrangements are made, the itineraries are set, and eclipse experts are on hand with local guides to shower you with fascinating details of astronomy, local history, and culture.

The hardest part for you is deciding where along that narrow eclipse path you want to be. And as often happens, the eclipse has a way of highlighting the most beautiful parts of the world you’d never think to travel to. Depending on which trip you choose, 2023’s rare hybrid eclipse on April 20 brings you to parts of Western Australia and Indonesia to catch a glimpse of a totality that barely crosses over any land at all. Want to stick to the northern hemisphere? Our 10-day New Mexico & Arizona Annular Eclipse Tour in October proffers the best look at a nearly 5-minute annular eclipse.

Explore this and other types of eclipse travel

Book a Total Eclipse Cruise from Bali to Broome

Cruise to totality with this 16-day voyage that reaches its zenith with a glimpse of the total solar eclipse on the vast expanse of the Timor Sea. And that’s just the climax of a veritable cornucopia of adventure that begins on the lush and gorgeous island of Bali and ends with the geological wonders and tidal phenomena along Australia’s Kimberley Coast. Visit the dragon lizards’ abode of Komodo National Park on Pulau Banta, witness the scarcely seen rock art of Timor-Leste, and drink in the deluging tidal waters of the Montgomery Reef on this once-in-a-lifetime cruise.

Glimpse the Eclipse on a Western Australia Outback Tour

Prefer to give your sea legs a rest? Stick to dry land with our 8-day Western Australia Outback Solar Eclipse Tour. Though when we say dry, we use the word loosely. Sure, you get to explore the Outback and hike among the rock formations of the Pinnacle Desert, but you also get to enjoy the refreshments of a winery tour, dazzling beaches, and snorkeling with dolphins out of your home base in Perth. From there a private jet takes you north to the former submarine base of Exmouth on Australia’s North West Cape for the best view of the total solar eclipse.

View the Total Eclipse from Sal Salis Eco-Friendly Retreat

We hear you. Keeping to shore is best, but you prefer your hotel walls are canvas, the AC is nonexistent, and the sidewalk’s made of sand. In other words, a tent is more your style. The 5-day Total Solar Eclipse Tour at the luxurious Sal Salis Camp gives you exactly that and more. Situated along the Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef, this eco-friendly safari camp grants you access to an embarrassment of earthbound delights in Cape Range National Park. Ocean breezes. Unspoiled beaches. Coral reefs. Limestone gorges. Wildlife massive and miniature, from whale shark to echidna. Come the eclipse, you choose where to watch, from gently rocking kayak to gently swaying hammock.

Traverse New Mexico and Arizona on an October Annular Eclipse Tour

The American Southwest is a perennially favorite destination for astronomers and enthusiasts alike. Our 10-day annular eclipse tour includes plenty of excitement, including visits to astronomical landmarks like the Barringer Meteor Crater, Very Large Array radio observatory, Apache Point Observatory, Lowell Observatory, and Virgin Galactic’s Spaceport America. Wow! Did we leave anything out? Not if you include one final jaunt to the Grand Canyon for its magnificent horizon-spanning views. Albuquerque marks your spot for viewing the annular eclipse on the same morning as the astounding sunrise ascent of the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Chase the Eclipse, Find So Much More

What more reason to travel halfway around the world than to chase the oh-so-brief magic of a total eclipse? Fortunately, our eclipse tours uncover treasures everywhere the eclipse goes. The everlasting memory of falling into the Moon’s shadow will be forever gilded with the joy of new friendships, fascinating insights into new and foreign lands, and a hunger to do it all over again at a new destination. Take your first step today and join us for our next trip into wonder.