2024 Solar Eclipse Travel | Mexico Solar Eclipse Tour
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2024 Solar Eclipse Travel

The “Great American Eclipse” of 2017 captivated masses of people across the United States, and in 2024, the “Great North American Eclipse” is likely to do the same. It’s not every day—or every year for that matter— that the Moon casts its shadow over the land and you don’t need to do so much as venture outside to see it happen.

But you need to be in the right spot at the right time if you want to make sure you witness totality, in which the Moon completely covers the Sun. That was true in 2017, and it’s true for the April 8, 2024 eclipse, too. If you need any other reason to join one of our total solar eclipse tours in 2024, consider that a total solar eclipse won’t occur in the continental US again until 2044! So if you relish the opportunity to stand perfectly in the shadow of the Moon limned by the solar corona, TravelQuest is on hand to make your dream a reality in 2024.

Our carefully crafted, expert-guided 2024 total eclipse tours take us to northern Mexico and the Texas heartland, where you can count on a warm, dry spring with the maximum chance for perfect total solar eclipse viewing. So which will it be? An expedition through the geological wonders of Mexico’s Copper Canyon, or a jaunt across the Texas jewels of San Antonio, Houston, and Austin?

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12-Day 2024 Mexico Total Solar Eclipse Tour

Springtime in northern Mexico makes for perfect eclipse viewing. Rugged landscapes, warm temperature, and open skies welcome you to a land made for looking to the heavens. Begin your total eclipse tour with a beach picnic and dolphin-spotting on Sea of Cortez before heading to the Spanish colonial town of El Fuerte. From there, a train takes you through the jaw-dropping peaks and valleys of the Sierra Madre, depositing you at the edge of Copper Canyon, with its green-hued rock and striking vistas of converging canyons. A stop by Pancho Villa’s home of Chihuahua caps off your adventure before it’s on to Torreón, where your total eclipse dream comes true. Every part of your trip is planned, from trains, meals, and excursions down to the exact spot for viewing the total solar eclipse.

Join Our 8-Day 2024 Texas Total Solar Eclipse Tour

2024 marks the first time we explore this part of the Lone Star State. The Texas Hill Country on the southeast edge of the Edwards Plateau creates the most ideal conditions for total solar eclipse viewing in the USA for April. This just so happens to plant you perfectly at the intersection of majestic natural scenery and the bustling hubs of San Antonio, Austin, and Houston. Kick things off with a trip to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston before heading to “America’s Venice,” San Antonio, including a stop at the Alamo. From here you’re brought to our carefully selected eclipse viewing spot on April 8 to witness the perfection of totality. Onwards from there to the Hill Country, you’ll visit LBJ Ranch and finish your trip with a visit to the Texas capital of Austin before going on to more adventures.

Make the Most of The Great North American Eclipse

It’s another 20 years before another chance like this comes around in North America. Our guided total eclipse tours are the perfect way to witness this unmissable celestial event, all the while exploring the culture, history, and natural wonders of the American Southwest and northern Mexican landscape. Make the call now and mark your calendar for April 8, 2024!