December 6–18, 2020

Argentina & Brazil Total Solar Eclipse

Tour Overview

  • Enjoy a 12-night adventure featuring three nights each at handpicked hotels and resorts in Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Bariloche and Buenos Aires.
  • Experience nearly two minutes of darkness at our expertly chosen viewing site during the December 14 total eclipse of the Sun.
  • Discover the magic of Rio from our hotel fronting Copacabana Beach, with the opportunity to visit Sugarloaf Mountain and the iconic hilltop statue of Christ the Redeemer.
  • View magnificent Iguazu Falls from both the Brazilian and Argentine sides – and on an amazing powerboat excursion into the waterfalls.
  • Stroll the grand avenues of Buenos Aires, visiting historic and cultural sites, as well as an authentic tango performance.
  • As an added bonus, take a scenic river cruise on our optional pre-tour excursion to Brazil’s Amazon region.

TravelQuest last journeyed to these two beautiful countries in November 1994 to experience the total eclipse of the Sun. A quarter-century later, we look forward to once again sharing some of our favorite highlights, from the beaches and samba rhythms of Rio de Janeiro, to the cosmopolitan elegance of Buenos Aires, to some of the world’s largest waterfalls at Iguazu – which you’ll view from both Argentina and Brazil on platforms perched above the rising mists.

As long as you’re in South America, this is a perfect opportunity to explore a few other destinations that are on most travelers’ bucket lists – including the Brazilian Amazon, taking advantage of our optional pre-tour river cruise on the famed Rio Negro, with its profusion of jungle wildlife and fascinating indigenous cultures.

Of course, the focal point of your eclipse adventure comes on December 14, 2020, as you experience 1 minute and 52 seconds of totality in the vast wilderness of northwestern Patagonia.

You’ll notice from the itinerary that we’ve arranged to spend three nights at each of our four destinations. This will give you more time to settle in and appreciate our carefully selected hotels, each distinguished by its superb location, excellent service and unique charms. Indeed, our landmark hotels in Rio, Iguazu and Bariloche are historic destinations unto themselves.

Think of this 12-night journey as a South American lifetime adventure, blending spectacular natural beauty with cultural riches, and crowned by an unforgettable eclipse experience.

Reserve your place now on what promises to be an extraordinary TravelQuest journey through Argentina & Brazil.

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